Thursday, July 30, 2009

Face-Palm Repetitive Connective Syndrome

I was reading Sims 3 reviews on Amazon and noted a lot of people had similar reactions to mine. Cute, but I’ll come back when they let you customize it more.
If we want to be led through on rails like it’s a ride at Disneyland, we’ll buy console. PC is for customization.

Meanwhile, the “WoW therapist” story I linked yesterday got featured in Yahoo because so many people liked it

so I thought I’d riff on the many things about it that amuse me:

(a) Of all the guilds I’ve ever been in, the ones that managed to succeed in whatever they were focused on doing were led by people who for whatever crazy reason have gone past masters in psych, and you can barely farm eternals without tripping over noobs working on their BS who thought it might be neat to do a paper on computer games. Therapists are hardly unrepresented, as compared to, say, female dwarves.

(b) How come teens with antisocial behaviors manifest them outside the privacy of their bedrooms while the antisocial teens playing WoW are not manifesting antisocial behaviors because they’re avoiding people? Does an antisocial behavior require an audience, like a tree falling in the forest? And if it occurs in the solitude of cooperatively raiding with 25 other people . . . never mind. This kind of paradox is probably what prevented me from getting a psych degree myself, and I thank the spirits and fairies each day for my decision.

(c) The AMA says game addiction is not a legitimate disorder, while a “Swedish study” (complained about in previous bloggage) and “other reports” say otherwise. Now, what sort of reports are we talking about here? And who is making these reports? And why do they lack credibility even sufficient to get into this straw-grasping attention hoe shrink’s bid for international publicity and/or ridicule?

(d) Graham asked Blizzard for free WoW. Lol. Pay your $15 a month like everybody else, noob.

(e) Most therapists probably aren’t WoW experts. Lol again. Although it might be true for that scrub paladin that ran my first WoW guild, although even he managed to raid Darnassus and get a bear mount at (cough) 4am on a Monday after a holiday 3-day weekend (cough), most of the psych professionals I have gamed with are rather adept at gaming, as well as making the kind of player-behavior predictions that are useful in games of strategy. Psychology and gaming share several skill sets.

(f) Recruit gamers to act as “peer mentors.” I can just see trade chat now. However, I’ll spare you actually writing it. Trade chat, for the uninitiated, is like Twitter if it were run by 14 year olds with Tourette’s.

I’m envisioning this noob standing around in Stormwind , appalled at the rampant use of idiom and abbreviation as well as the spelling and frequent interjections of pure madness and or gratuitous offensiveness. Finally, some clever and manipulative 15 year old offers him a few run throughs before abandoning him to a noobish death along with ridicule, and a hot NE dancer turns out to be a guy. And despite all that he decides he likes the game enough to zoom all the way up through level 80 and become a raider, arena junkie or guildleader. There, he will finally meet the people who spend an number of hours determined by some to be excessive.

Except by that time he’ll be one himself.

This guy is basically looking for a free WoW subscription and publicity. I wouldn’t be surprised if he were just trolling for noobs himself so he can bill their parents for curing them while ebaying their accounts. But hey, I’m suspicious. Tell ya why in the post below this one.

Anyway, if you're a busy WoW player and can't take time from your raid schedule to run this noob through RFK while he tries to cure your hobby, uh, mental disease, here are the top secret Rorschach blots that shrinks have used for years to give people experimental brain surgery against their will and other forms of therapeutic treatment. Feel free to test your own psyche yourself in the privacy of your own browser window.

I think the first one looks kinda like a night elf dancing on a mail box with some people in arena gear standing around.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I came across your blog.... think I was googling for S'runner stuff in a fit of nostalgia when I should, in fact, be studying... I've really enjoyed some of your posts here, and regret that we never got to talk much in SWG. I just wanted to know you have very interesting thoughts and perspectives on that time, and I really enjoyed reading them. :)
--Madi Kaba

Easter Durni said...

Hey there :) Welcome to my ranting chamber!

Someday there'll be a game for all of us SWG refugees where we can get that "interesting conversation" thing going again!

For now, um, WoW bosses all need to die. A lot.